«n'oublie pas qui est le veritable ennemi»
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«n'oublie pas qui est le veritable ennemi»
« любовная лодка разбилась о быт. »
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I'm Julie, 20 & from France.
mostly : SPN/GoT/Breaking Bad/Teen Wolf/Avengers/ DoctorWho/Batman/TWD/The Hobbit/Cats/AHS
All men must die. But first, we'll live

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"I think it’s really difficult now to go into instant, stratospheric fame, I would be really unhappy because I wouldn’t feel like I’d earned it in any way, or have the experience or the knowledge or the know-how to deal with it."

and i should get one of your face (if i wasn’t so afraid to get one omg) and i know! i just forgot what gender your cat is D:

She’s a ladyyyyy cat c:


Reinaldo Lourenço Fall 2011


Holliday Grainger 2/4

  “I am no ordinary woman. My dreams come true!”.

i was hoping to see a picture of my face but this is even better! its so cute c:

I should totally have a  tattoo of your face

ps: this is my cat

someone wanna know what my next tattoo will look like ?? :D

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